rather — ավելի շուտ

behind — հետեւում

in front of — առջեւում

a flat- բնակարան

in fact — իրականում

a color TV — գւնավոր հեռուստացույց

The capital of France is Paris. In France, the official state language is French. France is the homeland of ballet.
In France, Santa Claus is named Pierre Noel. He comes on New Year’s Eve and puts gifts in baby shoes. In this country as well as in many countries, the New Year cake is made of bacon, the one who shares it, is awarded the title of «king of bacilli» and everyone is exposed to it during the festive evening.
Frenchmen put wooden or clay dolls next to the Christmas tree. According to tradition, the landlord should definitely not break his cup of wine barrels, congratulate him on the New Year and drink it, wishing good harvest. The tradition of decorating the fir with the Christmas tree came from France. More than 300 types of cheese are produced in France. In Parisian gardens you can see many bee hives, and most French people keep beekeeping on their balconies after attending beekeeping courses. France is a bicycle homeland. There is a turkey, always roasted or whiskey, on the New Year’s holiday table in France.


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